We have a team of experienced, dedicated, helpful, enthusiastic employees who ENJOY seeING your ideas come to fruition. We love print.

We have a large support staff, but here's a list of our main players:


Cristian D. Rubi

Customer Service

Cristian is our gate keeper. He is generally your first point of contact at Oscar Printing. He helps guide you through the process and makes sure your project runs smoothly and to your satisfaction. He's also a big fan of frogs.



Sales and Estimating

Frank’s been in the print business for over 30 years (so, yes, since he was a kid), and is a designer at heart. He appreciates the hard work that goes into creating a thoughtful piece and loves designers who bring him a challenge.



Marco is enthusiastic about print and pushing it to its limits. If you are looking for some creative inspiration, talk to him. He’s always researching new print techniques and is more than willing to test your ideas.


Pre-Press and Quality Control

Steve’s the guy you want to talk to before you go on press. He's going to advise you on how to set up your files, and he'll make sure your piece comes off the press just as you had envisioned.



Press Manager and Scheduler

Jeff's been with the company the longest. He's seen it all and is the sage advisor. He also makes sure everything stays on schedule. If you need it yesterday, he makes it happen.


Shipping Manager and Accounts Receivable

Christine works behind the scenes to makes sure your job arrives on time and in order.  Although you may not have much contact with her, she's someone to thank when your client's crazy deadline gets met, and they are thrilled with the results.

Janet Hoang

Customer Service, Shipping and Accounts Receivable

Janet answers your all-important delivery date question, ties your job up in a pretty bow, ships it out and makes sure everything arrives to your satisfaction. She's also the one to talk to about payment and credit options.